Consulting Services

Healthcare Professionals

I recognize the importance of healthcare professionals in home environments, and I understand how medical conditions can impact the day-to-day behaviors and routines of a family. My recommendations for products and structural modifications will help the healthcare professionals provide the highest quality of care.  [More information]

Construction Professionals

I work closely with architects, contractors and designers in home modifications. During the development and design phase of building or remodeling, I keep the focus on your individual needs rather than allowing ADA guidelines to dictate space requirements. (ADA essentially applies to public spaces and is based on studied averages.) I serve as a liaison between the construction professionals and you so your home environment is customized, accessible, safe and comfortable. [More information]


Parents and other family members who serve as caregivers know their loved ones better than anyone else. I work closely with each family member to learn the details of your life within the home space. I understand that every family lives differently, and that all families want to be together, so my recommendations are designed with this goal in mind: to keep families working, playing and living together. [More information]

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